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A number of us in the Village fell it would be a great idea to gather at the Fox in Corscombe between 1800 and 2000 hours on the second Friday of every month in order for the Village to meet up and get to know each other better. This is open to everyone who lives in the village, male and female, as long as they are over 18!


One Rule – everyone is to buy their own drinks. We do not want people getting involved in huge ’’rounds’’.


You don’t have to spend the whole two hours at the Pub -  just came and go as you please. Also you can also have supper there afterwards!


The First ‘’Second Friday of the month’’ will take place at the Fox Inn on Friday 10th November 2017. We can use the Bar on the left of the entrance as usually it is quiet but hopefully not too quiet when we all get there.


Sadly I can not make it  this time but I have already delayed the start by a month as I could not make it in October either!!


Any questions, please don’t hesitate to call me.


John Bright

Russell House








Village Hall News

I am sorry to say that I have not had anybody contact me who is interested in playing short mat bowls.  If you would like to play, even if you have never played before, please contact me as we are now getting into the autumn and it would be good to be up and running by the winter.  The fundraising for the hearing loop in the hall is going well and at the next hall meeting we will see if we are in a position to go ahead with the installation.  As you know the new paper shed has now been installed and I would like to thank Pete Cockrem for doing all the groundwork for it and also cutting back the overhanging trees.  The lower section of the shed has now been filled with items which used to be stored in the hall which has freed up a lot of space in the storeroom.  Peter Brinck 01935 891822

The Friends of St Juthware and St Mary's Church.


                                                                                                    Invite you to come along and listen to


HMS Heron Royal Navy Volunteer Band

18th November  2.30 p.m.

At St Juthware and St Mary's Church Halstock


Tickets £10.00 to include a glass of wine.


Tickets will be available at Halstock Community Shop



All proceeds to the Friends of St Juthware and St Mary's Church.

COFFEE & CAKES IN THE COMMUNITY ROOM. We are taking a break during July and August and will resume in September. Thank you all for your support and your company through the spring. We hope everyone enjoys a warm and sunny summer and we look forward to seeing you all again in the autumn.


Halstock has a thriving little colony of Hedgehogs. Every sighting of a Hedgehog, alive or dead, is mapped on the village map. This way we are able to keep an eye on numbers.

All this though depends on villagers notifying  Betty Armour, e-mail to betshan@btinternet.com or 01935891998, whenever they see a hedgehog so keep those sightings coming in, and please drive carefully through the village. We aim to keep Halstock a Hedgehog friendly village .

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