1.   Which Christmas hit, originally released in 1984, has been Number 1 in the UK charts        3 times?

2.   Cliff Richard had his 12th number 1 hit with his sing-along Christmas classic Mistletoe        and what?

3.   Mariah Carey's iconic Christmas hit 'All I Want for Christmas' officially signals the start        of the festive period, but in which year was it released?

4.   Which group sang 'Don't leave me alone like this, Don't say it's the final kiss' in their          bell-tolling Christmas number 1?

5.   What comes next in Wham's 'Last Christmas' after 'Once bitten and twice shy, I keep        my distance' . . .?

6.   How many gifts, in total, were given in 'The Twelve Days of Christmas'                              Christmas carol?

7.   Which band beat 2009's X Factor winner Joe McElderry to the Christmas number 1,            following a successful campaign that started on social media?

8.   What is the best-selling CHristmas song of all time?

9.   What does Mariah Carey want for Christmas?

10. Astronauts broadcast which Christmas song from space in 1965?








1.   Do They Know it's Christmas?

2.   Wine.

3.   1994.

4.   East 17.

5.   But you still catch my eye.

6.   364.

7.   Rage Against the Machine.

8.   White Christmas by Bing Crosby.

9.   You.

10. Jingle Bells.


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