PARISH COUNCIL MEETING DATES 2017 at 7.30pm unless otherwise stated.

Monday 30 January Halstock 
Monday 27 March Halstock
Monday 24 April Corscombe
Tuesday 30 May Halstock (annual meeting)
Monday 31 July Corscombe
Monday 25 Sept Corscombe
Monday 27 Nov Halstock budgeting meeting

Parish Meetings may be arranged at any time, with at least one annual meeting a year in April or May. They are held where there is a group Council (as ours is) so that each parish can discuss its own affairs. They are more informal and have no statutory powers, though they can send resolutions to the Parish Council for action. All residents may attend and all electors may vote at Parish Meetings.

For more information and access to records and reports, literature, etc. please contact the Clerk:


Miss Jodie Carter 
3 Wellmans Corner
DT2 0LE 
01935 83915


CLICK HERE FOR FULL PARISH COUNCIL DETAILS http://www.corscombe.org/Parish/Parish.asp


The group Parish Council has existed since 1972 when Corscombe Parish Council and Halstock Parish Council were amalgamated with the inclusion of East and West Chelboroughs. Corscombe and Halstock each have five councillors and the Chelboroughs one each. 

Councillors are elected by, and represent, the electors of each parish but councillors make joint decisions for the parishes. Elections are every four years, next in 2019, but vacancies may be filled by election or cooption at any time. 

The quorum for meetings is four members. Details of procedure, etc. are contained in Standing Orders, Financial Regulations, Code of Conduct, and Publications Scheme, and various Acts.

The Council meets in May (annual meeting), July, September, November, January and March, usually on the last Monday of the month. Members of the public may attend, and a part of the meetings is set aside for public comment and queries. The public may not speak, unless invited, in the main Council discussions, and they may not vote. Meetings usually start at 7.30pm. Meetings are held at either Corscombe Village Hall or Halstock Community Hall, annual meetings alternating between the villages. The annual meeting receives the annual accounts (year ending 31 March) and annual reports, the chairman and vice-chairman are elected for the year, and representatives are chosen. Other meetings consider parish concerns such as planning applications and state of the highways, and matters which arise from changes in legislation or are passed on by the district (West Dorset District Council) or county (Dorset County Council) local authorities or other bodies.

The Council has income from the ‘precept’ – part of the Council Tax. In 2017-18 this is £16,500 for the group parishes. Corscombe and Halstock residents pay a larger share because of a loan raised for millennium projects: the Community Room at Halstock Stores, and the extensions to Corscombe Village Hall.



Name Address Telephone Mobile Start Date End Date
Don England Halstock 01935 891863      
Bardy Griffiths Halstock 01935 891736      
Roger Hallett Corscombe 01935 892318      
Melanie Harper Corscombe 01935 892439      
Peter Lemmey Halstock 01935 891377      
Henry Lovegrove Corscombe (Vice-Chairman)  01935 891415      
Peter MacLean East Chelborough 01935 83022      
Michael Nethaway Halstock 01935 891556      
Diana Staines Halstock (Chairman) 01935 891076      
Stuart Turner Corscombe 01935 891765      
Jo Vassie Corscombe 01935 891245      
John White-Hamilton West Chelborough 01935 83551      


For Meeting Dates and Papers, and Poicies and Procedures, please visit Parish Council pages on Corscombe website.

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