Royal British Legion

 In January our chairman, standard bearer and I will be attending the annual conference at Bovington.  This means an early start on Sunday 13thJanuary for a parade before the conference. As 2018 was the hundredth anniversary of the end of The Great War there may be some interesting details of events held during the year.  As you may remember our standard bearer and I went to GP 90, Grand Pilgrimage 90, which was held at Ypres.  I now have the official CD of the event and if anybody would like to borrow it please let me know. 

Peter Brinck 01935 891822

For your diary:

The next meeting of the Legion will be on Tuesday 12thFebruary at 7.30pm.  As usual, let me know if you wish to join us and I will let you know where we are going to meet.

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