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 Too Many Plants? Two requests
MAY 4 community Room Plant Sale- please bring any surplus you have on the day to outside the shop, stop for a burger, and maybe buy something.
 Halstock Gardening Club needs your surplus plants for our stall at Halstock Summer Show and Fete on 24th August.
> Sow the whole packet of seeds, pot on your plugs, take a few more cuttings and divide your perennials. Please label them clearly and contact us with details.
> Many thanks. 
> Carolyn and Paul Barrow. 01935 892353

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Feb 18th               Talk        Paul Stickland – Create a garden in a year HVH

March 19th           Visit        Castle Gardens

April 8th                Talk        Malcom Mills – Bees in your garden HVH

May 20th               Talk        Stephen Candy– kingston Lacy through the seasons CVH

June 17th              Visit       Kingston Lacy

July 15th                Visit       Lift the Latch, Chard (Own transport)

August 5th             Visit       Tea-Party, Hectors New Field.

August 24th           Annual Show

September 16th     Talk       Marion Dale – Wicked plants HVH

October 21st          Talk       Roger Hirons – subject tba HVH

November 18th      AGM    HVH


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