Village Trust


                                   Martin Manning (Chair and secretary 891 394)

                                   Peter Lemmey
                                   Bardy Griffiths                         

Allison Rees 

David Wright                           


The Halstock Village Trust provides amenities for the Village as determined by the trustees.  Thus, we donate to meet village needs, hold the balance of the mortgage on Halstock Village Shop Ltd and continue to act as owner/banker for the Halstock Community Room (HCR), which is managed by its own Committee on a day-to-day basis.

The Trust is accountable to villagers and has funded various whole-village projects such as solar panels and hearing loop for the village hall, upgrade of the Community Room, HCR computers, repair of the ford bridge, etc.  If anyone has a need for village funds, which must be for the benefit of the village, not individuals, then please contact one of the trustees above.   

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