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HALSTOCK VILLAGE SHOP Phone: 01935 891 781


Welcome to Halstock Village Shop and Post Office, run by the community, for the community.


Whatever you want, we probably sell it! If not we'll do our best to get it.

All the basics - newspapers, a wide selection of magazines, milk, locally baked bread from the bakery on the A303, local produce including Liberty Orchards balsamic vinegar and Sam's sausages, produced here in Halstock, and some of the best offers on wine iin the area!


Plus those irritating odds and ends that you run out of, like batteries, clothes pegs, balls of string, bin bags and reading glasses.


And we don't stop at selling you things! Whether it's looking at the latest topical window displays, checking the football results, picking up your prescription, having a cup of coffee or just catching up on village gossip, we have it.


Shop opening hours :                                                         Post Office :

Monday          8.00am to 6.00pm                                         Open from 9.00am to 1.00pm 

Tuesday         8.00am to 6.00pm                                         Monday to Friday

Wednesday     8.00am to 6.00pm

Thursday        8.00am to 6.00pm

Friday            8.00am to 6.00pm

Saturday        8.00am to 6.00pm

Sunday          8.00am to 12.00noon


The current building which was built in 2001is owned by Halstock Village Shop Ltd a community owned not for profit organisation. On February 1 the company also took over the running of the shop as a community enterprise


Any surplus profits are ploughed back into the community through Halstock Village Trust.


The shop has been operating in its present format since 1st February 2013.

It is managed on a day to day basis by the manager, Barry Dennis and two assistant managers, Graham Bryan and Penny Whittingham, with oversight from the Shop Committee of Halstock Village Shop limited.

Additional help in running the shop comes from a team of between 12 and 20 volunteers, who generally work between three and eight hours a week.


There has been a community owned shop in Halstock in various locations since 1991.

Halstock Community Shop

March 2019 Update

(Lottery Funded)



At the time of writing the weather is more like March with winds nearing gale force and enough rain to float the Ark! Thank goodness it is not snow!!


Speaking of which, we did have one day's disruption recently due to some arctic conditions which prevented our milk and newspaper wholesalers delivering. Despite the inability of a truck to navigate the roads, a quick car trip into Yeovil, on roads with very little snow on, secured enough milk and other urgent supplies to keep the shop supplied over the weekend. Customers were waiting anxiously for the relief supplies to arrive! Over 100 litres of milk were purchased with the last bottle of skimmed milk being sold in the last hour on Sunday!  The Village Shop to the rescue again. Credit is due to Mortimers who got through with the bread.


Did you watch the Chase on Friday February 8th when Judith from near Newmarket won £70,000 on her own? She is a volunteer in her local community shop in Suffolk and is a keen gardener helping with the village fete. So you know what to do - volunteer at the shop and at the fete, take up gardening and maybe you will have a chance on The Chase too!!!


Looking ahead, Tuesday March 5th is Pancake Day. The shop will be well stocked with all the ingredients you will need, eggs, flour, sugar, milk and lemons. Enjoy.


Mothering Sunday is on Mach 31stso when you are in the shop buying your card why not spoil Mum with a box of chocolates or a nice chocolate cake perhaps??


We have a new Saturday volunteer. Bella Leather will be volunteering in the shop on Saturday mornings as part of her Duke of Edinburgh Award Scheme. Make sure you say ‘Hello’ and wish her well. One more person to mention- Michelle Hounsell who has taken on the job of looking after the shop garden flowers. Thank you Michelle.


Thank you to everyone who participated in the RSPB Big Garden Birdwatch and returned their form to the shop for mailing. The idea was that this would be an easy way for people to participate. Hopefully we can repeat this next year with more notice to give more people a chance to join in.


Tony Woodroffe on behalf of the Community Shop Committee

February 9th2019


Halstock Community Shop

February 2019 Update

(Lottery Funded)


February, the shortest month of the year – we all know that – twenty eight days clear. 


For pub quiz enthusiasts February begins on the same day of the week as March and November, that’s in non leap years, and August in leap years.


February can be a bit of a dull month, one where sitting indoors and curling up with a good book is a definite temptation. Give in to it. (Books are in the Community Room, and there is a huge range of magazines on the shop shelves.) And its traditionally the time to plan your holidays so you could pop into the shop and pick up a travel leaflet which will give you ideas on managing your travel money whilst abroad. Maybe you could consider a travel card which you may find has definite advantages for you. Pick up a leaflet next time you are in. 


As mentioned before the Post Office is becoming more and more like your own local bank . You can now pay in cash and cheques for all the high street banks, and take out all that hard earned cash.  Ask at the Post Office to find out how you can use us as your local bank.


Back to February which was in ancient times the month of purification!  In Old English it was called Solmonath,which means ‘mud month’, though why February is any different from November to March in that respect I don’t know. If, like me, you are battling with muddy dog paws, more purification needed, in the form of floor cleaners, polish, washing powder, cleaning cloths and many more products  – a good range always available, check out the shelves and for purification read SPRING CLEANING!


Or if purification means to you that modern word, de-tox, we are always well stocked with fruit, salad and fresh vegetables. And if you are braving an alcohol-free month, we have plenty of alternatives.


So February isn’t all bad, the snow drops are out, and the early daffoldils. And for those born in February your birth flower is the violet. Will you be tempted to buy a pot from the flower stall outside the shop window? Pot Luck Plants, they are always excellent value.


And Barry’s remedy for the month is JOKE OF THE WEEK! Write down your joke hand it in to the counter staff, and if yours is chosen as the winner (by the staff) we will display it at the counter and you will win a bar of chocolate ( chosen for you by us ).  Cracker jokes are welcome of course  . . . the worse the better



 Bardy Griffiths

On behalf of the Community Shop Committee. January 7 2018

Volunteers Skittles and Curry Night                       

Great turn out of volunteers and their partners for great curries made by Graham, and some competative bowls play.


Thank you Graham, much appreciated!

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