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Village Hall 25th March start 2.30 pm the WI will be having a demonstration of Tai Chi in the village hall. 
The Tai masters will have a projector so we can all see what to do. We will have the opportunity to take part as you wish in this very gentle art. 
Lovely music and relaxing . 
Visitors very welcome  £2.       


Tea & Coffee available


Village Hall News

By the time this edition of the Chimes comes out most of the work on the ladies toilet will have been completed.  It will still need to be painted and new tiles put around the wash-hand basin but we will have to wait until the new plaster has thoroughly dried out to do this.

Earlier this morning a small group of willing volunteers emptied the paper shed, it was very full and I am expecting to get a large cheque from Virador for it.  Empting the shed is made very much easier if the paper is secured in some way and not put in loose, either tied up, in plastic bags or in empty six bottle wine boxes. The latter has the advantage of being able to drink the wine first!  Please keep the bundles to a size that can be easily lifted into the back of the lorry. Anything paper can be put in the shed including books, telephone directories etc.  The only thing we don’t want is cardboard and shredded paper.

And finally just a small point, if you need to put a notice on the windows could you please use Blu Tack or masking tape as Sellotape is not easy to remove when the windows are being cleaned

Peter Brinck


Village Fete

After my article in last month’s Chimes I did have one person contact me. Unfortunately it was a member of the current committee who wished to step down after serving many years on the committee.  You will appreciate therefor that we do need to have some new members join us.  We do try to introduce some new attractions each year but we are running out of ideas, new people joining the committee would bring new ideas of their own.  I use the word committee very loosely, there is nothing formal about it so don’t be put off by that.

Peter Brinck 01935 891822


Too Many Plants? 
> Don’t put them on the compost heap. Halstock Gardening Club needs your surplus plants for our stall at Halstock Summer Show and Fete on 24th August.
> Sow the whole packet of seeds, pot on your plugs, take a few more cuttings and divide your perennials. Please label them clearly and contact us with details.
> Many thanks. 
> Carolyn and Paul Barrow. 01935 892353

Pot Luck Lunch

In the article in last month’s Chimes there was an error regarding the booking procedure for which I must apologize.  There is no changeto the method of booking in, you should still ring Rodney Edwards on 01935 891631 by Sunday evening to book in for the following Wednesday.  The confusion arose as we are now offering a vegetarian option to encourage vegetarians to join us.  Tony Hill has offered to do the catering for anybody wanting a vegetarian meal and therefore we would ask that you contact him to let him know which meal you would like.    

The first Pot Luck Lunch in 2019 will be on Wednesday 9thJanuary so if you wish to put your name down ring Rodney by Sunday 6thJanuary, we look forward to seeing you then.

Peter Brinck

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