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Last month I said that the work on the gents’ toilet had started and should be finished in time for the Fete, and it was.  That’s to say that the work carried out by the contractors was completed but at the moment the decoration has not been done.  That’s because this work will be done by members of the committee and with so much going on during the summer with the Fete, and other thing, we have not got around to it yet.  All being well the work will be finished by the time this Chimes comes out.

Peter Brinck 01935 891822


Village Fete

Once again we were very lucky with the weather, glorious sunshine all afternoon. All the usual attractions were there including donkey rides which we have not had for a few years.  This year we made a profit of well over £3,000 and we will be having a meeting very soon to decide which charities we will be donating it to.  A list of donations made will be put in next month’s Chimes.  

You may have noticed that we put several notices around at the Fete asking for help with next year’s Fete.  Several members of the committee feel they need a break.  Personally I do not feel I will be able to cover the area that I do and have done for several years now, I am sorry but old age is catching up with me. I am sure that all the present members of the committee will give as much help as is needed to anyone willing to join us.  So if there is to be a Fete next year please get in touch as soon as possible as we start booking the regular features of the Fete, such as the band, Punch and Judy and so on any time now. 

Peter Brinck 01935 891822



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